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Straight Extentions Large


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Fit tips 5,50 mm - 10 mm
Straight Extentions Large basic   +€15.70 (+€19.00 Incl. VAT)

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  • Straight Extentions Large

    Large Extentions fit all Large tips: 5,5 - 10 mm.

    Per set of 2 needles.

    Contains three shafts per needle: one 5 cm section and two 10 cm sections per needle.

    Optional: a set of Bead Cable Stoppers or Panda Cable Stoppers.

    The unique needle shafts smoothly screw together. The different shafts allow you to make different lengths of straight knitting needles. Use a Miniature Bead Cable Stopper to prevent your stitches from dropping off at the end.

    These Straight Extentions can be used with the interchangeable accessories to create an endless range of knitting possibilities. You can also, for example, screw several shafts together to make an extra long straight needle. Or screw the cables to the shafts, and then attach to your tips, to make an extra long tip on your circular needle. Or make a straight knitting needle with a cable attached.

    Tips sold separately.

    Colours of Bead Stoppers and Panda Stoppers will vary.

    Please note: HiyaHiya and ChiaoGoo are not compatible.