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ChiaoGoo Set of 3 TWIST Cables MINI [M]

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  • Set of 3 TWIST Red Cable MINI

    Fits TWIST tips 1,50 mm - 2,50 mm. With a [S] to [M] Tip Adapter you can use Small tips on Mini cables.

    Includes a T-key to secure cable and tip. 

    ChiaoGoo's TWIST cables do not swivel.

    For those Mass-Production-knitters. And Many-WIPs-knitters. And Prefer-Cables-to-Waste-Yarn knitters. And I'm-Sure-I-Had-This-Size-Here-Somewhere knitters. And 2-Sleeves-At-The-Same-Time knitters. And Sure-You-Can-Borrow-This-Cable knitters. And...

    Well. As it turns out, you can never have too many cables.

    Please note: HiyaHiya and ChiaoGoo are not compatible.