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  • Amble

    Amble is a fingering weight yarn made from a blend of eco-friendly washable wool and alpaca for comfort and recycled nylon for strength.

    Although designed especially for sock knitting, this soft and durable yarn is also great for easy-to-care sweaters and accessories.

    The Fibre Co named this yarn Amble to reflect the kind of slow relaxed walking they enjoy in the English Lake District. 

  • Balayage

    The Balayage yarn is a collab between the sustainable yarn producer Pascuali and knitwear designer Melanie Berg (also known as Mairlynd). Their idea was to develop a high-quality yarn in accordance with a specific colour concept. They created colours that provide unlimited creative options and that flow harmoniously into one another, almost as if dyed by hand. 

    Balayage is excellent for shawls but, of course, for any other knitting project too, and is particularly well suited to colour techniques such as jacquard or Fair Isle.

    Read more about Balayage.

    Read more about Pascuali.

  • Bio Shetland

    GOTS certified organic yarn. 100% wool. The lively colouring makes it very suitable for all types of knitting.

    Bio Shetland is particularly suitable for colourwork and fair isle knitting. Also suitable for crochet and the loom.

    Read more about BC Garn here.

  • Eco-Fusion


    An exciting bamboo & cotton blend. With a subtle twinkling thanks to the bamboo. Hand balled and hand dyed by Nurturing Fibres in South Africa. Produced with love & care: for the yarn, for the people and for the planet.

    Read more about Nurturing Fibres here.

  • From the Mountain Cashmere

    Luxuriously soft. Exquisitely empowering.

    A skein of this 100% Afghan cashmere is not just a lovely thing to cuddle, or the yarn for the nicest cowl you'll ever own. It is a thread of connection to a community of women in Afghanistan.

    Sadly, Afghanistan is currently too dangerous for the production and transportation of this rare yarn. 

    We had a good thing going with this precious cashmere. It provided dignified and well paid work for the Afghan women, many of whom are widowed and need to care for their children as well as earn a living. It was an unparalleled luxury yarn for handknitting.

    I can only hope that the situation will change enough for courageous people to start making a difference again. So that we can help do our bit, being part of a chain of honest trade. A well established co-operation may just help that little bit towards a peaceful stability.

  • Garthenor Cairngorm

    Bespoke. Organic. British.

    Cairngorm is a new 100% lambswool laceweight yarn by Garthenor. As we expect from Garthenor, it is 100% organic GOTS certified. Produced in close collaboration with local, British farms.

    Due to the "silkier" fibres of the lambswool, Cairngorm has less initial bounce in the skein than Number 1 & 2. But after wet blocking, they bloom beautifully.

    The yarn is custom spun for Garthenor by New Lanark mill, so it was only right to give it a very Scottish name!

    Read more about Garthenor.

  • Garthenor Number 1

    Bespoke. Organic. British.

    Garthenor Number 1 is a 100% organic laceweight yarn in undyed shades. Natural yarn at its purest.

    Number 1 is the lightest member of Garthenor's yarn family: a single ply, woollen spun heavy lace. It has a slightly rustic nature, and the yarn reaches its full potential once it's been wet blocked.

    Knit Number 1 on some 5 mm needles for some open and airy lace work, or switch to 1,5 mm for a denser, tighter knit fabric. Also very suitable for beautifully crocheted shawls and garments. 

    This laceweight yarn also works perfectly knitted as two strands – either a solid shade or to create your own marl - as a substitute for a Number 2 yarn.

    All shades are produced by blending up to 8 colours of fleece together to create a wonderfully heathered depth to each yarn.

    Read more about Garthenor.

  • Garthenor Number 2

    Bespoke. Organic. British.

    Four ply weight, 100% organic wool yarn.

    Number 2 is Garthenors sock yarn. They use this yarn for their hand knitted socks.

    The length varies per shade, since each blend of fibers has different properties.

    Read more about Garthenor.

  • Garthenor Number 3

    Number 3 is woollen spun into a round and bouncy three ply / DK weight yarn, that loves to be cabled*, and shows excellent stitch definition throughout.

    Number 3 is able to produce a denser fabric than Number 2, whilst still keeping the light and airy qualities. Its construction means that it will drape fairly lightly.

    A go-to yarn for a variety of sweaters and wardrobe staples. Garments will achieve their full beauty once they’ve been wet blocked.

    *We’d recommend swatching any of the marled yarns for cabling and other textured stitches, before you start your project.

    The length varies per shade, since each blend of fibers has different properties.

    Read more about Garthenor.

  • Isadora

    Isadora by Colori Naturali

    COLORI NATURALI is an artisan dyeing lab in Abruzzo, Italy, specializing in plant dyes. Isadora is a soft and lush blend of wool and mohair, an eco yarn from South Africa.

  • KOKON Bleu

    Super soft, lush & squishy, sustainably produced. Kokon Bleu is a special edition of KOKON yarn.

    The merino yarn is guaranteed mulesing-free. Read more about KOKON yarn.

    Please note that KOKON Bleu is handdyed on a small scale (max 5 skeins per dyelot).

    Special Edition KOKON PINK

    There's also a Pink Special, dedicated to cancer research and to create breast cancer awareness.

  • KOKON Handspun

    Clearance sale

    KOKON Handspun is discontinued and therefore it's on clearance sale.

    KOKON Handspun

    KOKON Handspun is made from 100% South African merino wool. It is spun by hand in the eastern cape province by women who come from an economically depressed area, where employment is scarce. Kokon handspun supports economic upliftment of these women. 

    Kokon handspun is non superwash and very soft and squishy. Available in 6 subtle colours, ideal for a warm winter knit.

    Read more about KOKON.

  • KOKON Merino

    An irresistible, super soft and animal friendly merino yarn.

    Celebrating the poetry of colour and the love of things more quiet and natural.

    Guaranteed mulesing-free.

    Read more about KOKON.

    Please note that KOKON Merino is handdyed on a small scale (max 5 skeins per dyelot).

  • Nepal

    Nepal is a blend of GOTS certified cotton, with linen and nettle viscose. A lovely vegan yarn with a soft feel, that blooms beautifully after blocking.

    Nepals combination of linen and stinging-nettle fibers makes it light and grippy at the same time. It is wonderfully suited for cardigans as well as blankets. This versatile yarn impresses through its natural, expressive, and lively colors, in addition to a pleasant feel to the skin.

    The highlight of Nepal lies in its twisting. It provides the yarn its special and unique look, recognizable by its long stinging-nettle fibers, which grant this yarn that touch of "something special".

    The cotton provides excellent wearing properties. The linen gives the yarn a pleasant feel, and the nettle fibers offer a nice soft grip. Nepal is thus the perfect yarn for light, airy tops.

    Read more about Pascuali.

  • ReJeans

    A soft and durable cotton yarn, made from recycled jeans. 

    Old jeans get a second chance with Re-Jeans, produced of the recycled cotton from denim. The fabric is split to the single fibres step by step and then cleaned. After cleaning, the fibres are mixed and then spun into yarn. This recycling process give a wonderful rustic and heathered structure to the yarn. It reminds somewhat of the bourette silk.

    A cotton yarn that is very different from the usual baby pastels!

    Ideal for all kinds of garments and kid's clothes. ReJeans is 100% vegan. It is soft and pleasant on the skin, like most cotton yarns. But it has the durability of jeans.

    Read more about the producer.

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