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Nepal is a blend of GOTS certified cotton, with linen and nettle viscose. A lovely vegan yarn with a soft feel, that blooms beautifully after blocking.

Nepals combination of linen and stinging-nettle fibers makes it light and grippy at the same time. It is wonderfully suited for cardigans as well as blankets. This versatile yarn impresses through its natural, expressive, and lively colors, in addition to a pleasant feel to the skin.

The highlight of Nepal lies in its twisting. It provides the yarn its special and unique look, recognizable by its long stinging-nettle fibers, which grant this yarn that touch of "something special".

The cotton provides excellent wearing properties. The linen gives the yarn a pleasant feel, and the nettle fibers offer a nice soft grip. Nepal is thus the perfect yarn for light, airy tops.

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