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High Mountain Yak

Please note:

Nomadnoos has recently implemented a significant increase in their wholesale prices. Although I admire and applaud their work in Mongolia and Nepal, I can’t keep up with these new prices. Sustainability is our core value, but for Yarnz this is not feasible.

Therefore I have decided to stop carrying Nomadnoos yarns. I wish them all the best in their future undertakings.

I will not restock the current yarns and I will put the remaining stock on clearance sale on February 1.

I hope you can understand that this is a case of force majeure. I don’t take this step with a light heart.  

About High Mountain Yak

Nomadnoos High Mountain Yak is sustainably sourced and handspun in Nepal and Mongolia. Nomad herders have selected the warmest and softest quality of fibres, which after washing and carding, are handspun by qualified spinners.

Yak down is extremely soft and wind proof. It makes a dream of a luxury yarn that shines in shawls, cardigans and lacework.

Most fibres are bleached before they are dyed, because this is the only way to get light colours. But Nomadnoos uses the pure, natural fibres as yarn base and doesn't bleach it first. Making use of the natural beauty of the yarn each skein has a rich depth in colour that you can only fall in love with.

Read more about Nomadnoos.