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Garthenor Number 1

Bespoke. Organic. British.

Garthenor Number 1 is a 100% organic laceweight yarn in undyed shades. Natural yarn at its purest.

Number 1 is the lightest member of Garthenor's yarn family: a single ply, woollen spun heavy lace. It has a slightly rustic nature, and the yarn reaches its full potential once it's been wet blocked.

Knit Number 1 on some 5 mm needles for some open and airy lace work, or switch to 1,5 mm for a denser, tighter knit fabric. Also very suitable for beautifully crocheted shawls and garments. 

This laceweight yarn also works perfectly knitted as two strands – either a solid shade or to create your own marl - as a substitute for a Number 2 yarn.

All shades are produced by blending up to 8 colours of fleece together to create a wonderfully heathered depth to each yarn.

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