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From the Mountain

Luxuriously soft. Exquisitely empowering.

A skein of this 100% Afghan cashmere is not just a lovely thing to cuddle, or the yarn for the nicest cowl you'll ever own. It is a thread of connection to a community of women in Afghanistan.

Sadly, Afghanistan is currently too dangerous for the production and transportation of this rare yarn. 

We had a good thing going with this precious cashmere. It provided dignified and well paid work for the Afghan women, many of whom are widowed and need to care for their children as well as earn a living. It was an unparalleled luxury yarn for handknitting.

I can only hope that the situation will change enough for courageous people to start making a difference again. So that we can help do our bit, being part of a chain of honest trade. A well established co-operation may just help that little bit towards a peaceful stability.