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Number 3 Fawn

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  • Garthenor Number 3

    Colour: Fawn.

    Per 50 gr skein, length 85 metres.

    Pure New Shetland Wool.

    Read more about Garthenor.


    • 100 % organic wool;
    • Recommended needles 3,0 mm - 4,0 mm;
    • Per 50 gr skein;
    • Length 85 metres;
    • Organic, local, small scale production;
    • Hand wash.

    About Number 3

    The length varies per colour, since each blend of fibers has different properties.

    Number 3 is woollen spun into a round and bouncy three ply yarn, that loves to be cabled*, and shows excellent stitch definition throughout. Number 3 is able to produce a denser fabric than Number 2, whilst still keeping the light and airy qualities. Its construction means that it will drape fairly lightly.

    A go-to yarn for a variety of sweaters and wardrobe staples. Garments will achieve their full beauty once they’ve been wet blocked.

    The heathered depth of colour is achieved by blending up to 8 different shades of raw fleece before scouring.

    *We’d recommend swatching any of the marled yarns for cabling and other textured stitches, before you start your project.

    How many skeins do I need?

    Please note that Number 2 is undyed, the colours of natural wool are blended to create different shades. Shades may vary from spinlot to spinlot. Always make sure you have enough yarn for your project.

    • Beanie: 2 skeins.
    • Scarf: 4 to 6 skeins.
    • Women's jumper or cardigan size 40: 16 to 20 skeins.

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