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Understanding HiyaHiya interchangeable needles.

HiyaHiya has three types of needle tips: Bamboo, Steel and Sharp. All types fit the HiyaHiya interchangeable cables and straight extentions.

"Size" of the tips refers to the diameter of the needle tip. For example 4,00 mm (US6; UK 8). 

The Miniature tips come in Sharp only and range from 2,00 mm up to 2,50 mm. Miniature tips fit Miniature cables and straight extentions.

The Small tips come in all types and range from 2,75 mm up to 5,00 mm. Small tips fit Small cables or straight extentions. With a Small tip adapter, Small tips also fit Miniature cables/extentions.

The Large tips range from 5,50 mm up to 10 mm and fit the Large cables and straight extentions. With a tip adapter they also fit Small cables/extentions.

The tips come either in Standard length (5"/13 cm) or Short length (4"/10 cm).

HiyaHiya does not display the length of the cable, but the length of the entire circular needle - including the needle tips. An 80-85 cm cable makes a circular needle of approx. 80 cm with Short tips or approx 85 cm with Standard tips.

Please note that HiyaHiya and ChiaoGoo are not compatible.