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Half skein 25g Number 1 Chalk

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  • Garthenor Number 1

    Per 25 g skein.

    Colour: Chalk.

    Organic, untreated and undyed, this is yarn at its purest. A "woolly" wool yet soft and supple, most people can wear this yarn directly against the skin. Number 1 is suitable both for knitting and crocheting gorgeous shawls, sweaters and cardigans.

    These convenient 25 g skeins can for example be used to add an accent colour to a Shawl. Please note that Amory, by Isabell Kraemer, requires 200-300g (4 to 6 skeins of 50 gr).

    Read more about Garthenor.


    • 100% organic Shetland wool;
    • Recommended needles 1,5 mm - 5 mm (US 000-8);
    • Per 25 g skein;
    • Length approx. 175 m;
    • Organic, local, small scale production;
    • Hand wash.

    How many skeins do I need?

    Please note that Number 1 is undyed, the colours of natural wool are blended to create different shades. Shades may vary from spinlot to spinlot. Always make sure you have enough yarn for your project.

    • Shawl: 2 to 4 skeins of 50 g.
    • Women's jumper or cardigan size 40: 4 to 6 skeins of 50 g.

    Please note that Amory, by Isabell Kraemer, requires 200-300 g (4-6 skeins of 50 gr).