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Eucalan 100 ml

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  • Eucalan sample

    No-rinse delicate detergent for all your knitted and crocheted items.

    The lanolin in Eucalan and the essential oils used to scent the product act as natural fabric softeners and help prevent static cling.

    Per 100 ml bottle.

    Hand Wash:

    Use 5mL/1 tsp per 4L/1G of water (more for heavily soiled items)

    • Add Eucalan to basin.
    • Fill basin with tepid water (room temperature water, not hot and not cold).
    • Insert article to be washed and soak for 15 min. (minimum).
    • Squeeze article gently to incorporate water and soap through fibres.
    • Pull article out of water and gently squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or ring.
    • Follow drying instructions below.

    Machine Wash:

    • Use 15-30mL/1-2 Tbsp. per load (adjust amount based on size of load).
    • Select Rinse and Spin or Hand Wash/Delicate cycle. Cold or tepid water.
    • Add Eucalan to fabric softener drawer.
    • Load articles into machine and start cycle.
    • Follow drying instructions below.


    Important: Dry all items out of direct heat and sunlight.

    Lay knit articles flat on clean dry towel. Roll article in towel to remove excess moisture. Lay flat to dry on drying rack or clean dry towel.

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