All of our yarns have a story to tell. They're the embodiment of a mission, a vision for a better world.

From the hands of the makers, to our hands, to your hands, they are a thread of connection. Between fibre experts, yarn lovers and makers.

These beautiful skeins of undyed cashmere are now traveling to their forever home in Switzerland.

These days we hear more and more about the mass production of cashmere in Asia. How it is causing the withering of fertile plains, degrading in quality, impoverishing the nomads and threatening their way of life.

Our cashmere, however, is from Afghanistan. Here, cashmere goats have been a part of the countryside for decades. For years the goats only served as food and the hides were exported. But now From the Mountain has a network of spinners in remote areas, managing a cottage industry that supports over 100 women. (After over a decade of conflict, many women have been left as heads of household, but with very few safe and socially acceptable ways to earn income.)

The production is still fragile and vulnerable, when the violence flares up again it is literally too dangerous to produce and transport the yarn.

These skeins that are on their way to Switzerland now, were our last. I can only hope that we will be able to get new cashmere soon. For the people in Afghanistan, the spinners, the brave people who try to create a sustainable production chain in this area, and for all the quality-cashmere yarn lovers.

Because together, we can #changetheworldknitting.