Throwback to last year!

At the Festival in Zwolle, in 2018, they already met and became friends (yes the Festival does that too......)!

On the left Susanne Visch a.k.a. @la_visch on Instagram and on the right Alina Popovici a.k.a. @lamailleauxtableaux.

And now, they are both teachers at the coming Festival in Zwolle on October 11 & 12. Susanne is teaching how to fix mistakes in knitting. And from Alina you can take the masterclass ''Knit your palette’ – Balance, harmony and contrast for colorwork knitting' (with Dutch assistance so don't be afraid of taking an English based class). ⁠

Tickets are already in pre sale! Book your workshops and tickets here on the Breidagen website (click).

And I'd almost forget... of course Yarnz will be there too! ;)

Photo credits @ Janet Vermist.