So what is the idea of this Project Club?

We like to help grow a community of eco-conscious makers. And it's much more fun to design something for a group of friends, who are eagerly awaiting the new issues. So we started our Making the Fair Way Project Club.

It is a way to offer our dearest customers a space where they can feel they really belong. And we too want to feel connected to our community, no matter how far away people live. Also our members give us very valuable feedback, which is great. (For example, many members would appreciate more designs that also look good on larger sizes and round shapes. Duly noted!)

It's fun to see what others make, their variations, how different colours and sizes look on different people. We like the charm of a KAL or CAL, but prefer not to add the pressure of time, or even the feeling that you have to compete.

We want to stimulate the use of sustainable materials, but also to give people inspiration and suggestions on how to use what they have already got lying around. 

The Project Club is also an opportunity for us to work closely together with many of those hard-working designers out there. Designing is a real skill and a pattern takes a lot of time and effort. We like to offer a platform for designers and grow together.

All of this resulting in a wardrobe filled with sustainable and handmade pieces, developing your own style and creative personality over time. (At least, for me this is not something that I just "have". It needs exploring, trying out, failing, ripening.)

There is so much inspiration out there, so much you can make, that one lifetime probably won't be enough ;) It can be useful to have a guiding light to steer by. Or not - in the end it's up to you which kits you buy and when.

We do abundance. We don't do FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out - a much used marketing strategy. Look for it and you'll see it everywhere.)

We want to share true beauty, stimulate creativity and promote sustainability. Join us!

If you think this sounds good, sign up for the Project Club. You can find more info here on our website:

Oh and did I mention membership is free?