This campaign has finished.

In general, we don’t do discounts. And we certainly don’t want to encourage the feeding frenzy this time of the year. People spending too much money they don't have on things they don't want... this is not our way.

I realise this sounds a bit strange, and it is somewhat contradictory. Because we sell stuff. Of course I want you to buy it. The more, the better. Well, yeeessss… but. A big but. 

Yarnz is also about balance, about reducing our footprint as much as possible, about spending your money wisely and ethically, and about being part of a community that values quality over quantity. 

About buying less, choosing well, and making it last.

Green Friday

That's all very well, still, it is nice to celebrate a special occasion. 

Inspired by other (small) businessowners and out-of-the-box thinkers last year, we will join in a White Friday. Or any colour of your choice, perhaps Green is more appropriate, since we sell eco-friendly products.

Anyway, here’s the point: of all webshop orders from now until Monday, we will donate 50% of the profit to Ashwa Uganda. These guys are absolute rockstars when it comes to empowering (young) women, and the world needs many, many more courageous men and women like them.

I had thought to start this on Friday, but what’s the point, let’s kick off now. Buy less, choose well, and make it last. 

So go ahead and shop, and make the world a more beautiful place (for yourself too, because we do have awesome stuff, you know ;))


About ASHWA Uganda

AHSWA supports the most vulnerable girls and women in Uganda, where menstrual hygiene and sex education are very much taboo. Because of poverty, sanitary towels are unavailable or unaffordable. Consequence is that girls regularly miss school and finally drop out of school and become isolated. 

Whereas empowering a community often starts with empowering their women.

Teenage pregnancies are also a major issue.

Girls and women of all ages still have a very limited say over their lives and in particular over their sexuality, a situation that has made them face a number of problems among which:

  • absenteeism where girls stay at home rather than attending school when menstruating; 
  • inadequate waste disposal facilities; 
  • the expense of commercial sanitary pads; 
  • lack of privacy for changing menstrual materials; 
  • leakage from poor-quality protection materials; 
  • the lack of resources for washing such as soap; 
  • limited education about the facts of menstruation; 
  • limited access to counseling and guidance; 
  • fear caused by cultural myths; 
  • embarrassment and low self-esteem; 
  • the unsupportive attitudes of some men.

As an NGO headquartered in Busia Uganda,  ASHWA is currently implementing menstrual hygiene activities:

  • training young women and girls in social enterprise;
  • delivering health education;
  • women’s groups and young girls making reusable pads for their own use;
  • women’s groups offering training to others;
  • a school Program, where ASHWA trains girls to make pads and delivers health education. ASHWA aims at supporting the girl child attend all days of school.

Yarnz will donate half of the profit on webshop orders to ASHWA. They will spend the money on:

  • Materials for making the reusable pads (cotton, fleece and plastic material, buttons, thread,  sewing machines);
  • Stationery (flip charts, markers, chalk);
  • Facilitators Allowances (as a small refund of the time and transport they invest for taking part in our event).