I hesitated to speak out online about racism in our community, because I find it difficult to find the right words and fear to hurt or offend. Especially since English is not my first language.

Anybody can say “I am against racism”. Nobody in their right mind is going to announce on FB “yay I’m a white supremacist and jolly proud of it”. So how do I make a genuine statement about this, without making it look like just another marketing strategy.

I do wish to speak out, because I’m part of this world and I have a responsibility, too. And because remaining silent can do harm.

So what can I do.

I think I have to keep asking myself, what can *I* do for BIPOC and other oppressed people in our community. Because words are important, statements are important, but without actions nothing will change. I think that “just being an open and inclusive business” is a beginning, but it is not enough.

I am learning. I am sorry that I am so slow. I do my best.

I trust in your candor to read me right. I welcome open and honest discussion. I will moderate comments, to keep this a safe space for everybody.


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