Some rambling thoughts to share... I'm still here, all is well! 38 weeks pregnant and going strong.

In a way, it is the best of times and it is the worst of times. The best, because my husband is working from home and it is great to be together so much in these special last weeks. And due to social distancing, we have even more quiet cocooning quality time together, now that there are hardly any social calls to make.

But it's also sad not to be able to share as much of this pregnancy with friends and family as I would like. And the Corona situation makes me feel isolated in many other ways as well, even from my beloved online community. I believe there are many other yarny friends and small businesses who feel the same way, the lockdown and restrictions weigh on us all.

I really should be telling you all about the new yarn that has arrived, it's a gorgeous addition to the Yarnz collection! I should be photographing the colours, putting it all up on the website, etc. I'm also testing another new sustainable yarn brand which looks very promising.

But I can't find the focus and energy.

In general I'm very healthy and the babe is doing well, for which I feel blessed. There's just one major drawback: I sleep *very* badly and have for months now. So I take naps during the day and the energy I do have goes into preparing for the arrival of our daughter.

For the rest, I'm not doing anything very much, slowing right on down, knitting a stitch or two and watching the birds in our garden. Life is good ☺

I may take a little longer in replying to your emails etc. But thanks to darling Karen, orders still ship out as usual! #Kareninaction This is of course a huge blessing for me in these times, otherwise I'd probably have to shut the webshop for a bit. I still might once our baby is born, we'll see how it goes then.

Wishing you all the best, stay happy and healthy.