We're going to change and simplify the shipping rates and the "free shipping threshold". For most countries, this means an increase (though for some countries only a slight increase, and for others even a decrease).

I will tell you why.

We need to keep our business healthy.

Our quite low shipping costs are just no longer feasible. We get more and more small orders of 1 or 2 skeins of yarn, that need to be shipped as a parcel.

At best, we break even on such orders, but mostly we lose money on them. That's fine if it happens only once in a while, because not everything always has to be only about making money. But it's happening too often.


An all time favorite: one or two skeins of Bio Shetland or Bio Balance.

With shipping costs going as low as €2,- in Holland, this was perhaps not surprising.

Sustainability, people!

Yes I know, it seems the consumer gets all the responsibility these days. And the guys who can really make a big difference, like the governments and bigshots in charge, seem happy to keep this responsibility focused on ordinary people.


There is the cost in resources and transportation to consider. Very small orders require more of everything, related to large orders. More time, more packaging materials, more gas for transportation, etc.

By raising the shipping rates, I do hope to nudge customers to consider carefully. Either to get some more yarn or notions in one order (an extra project/gift for someone/thing you covet but hesitate to buy) - or to think "well that's really too expensive, it can wait".

And if you really want it, it's still possible to order just that one skein, of course.

Shipping actually costs much more.

Nice to know: we do not make money on shipping itself. The actual costs are higher than the amount that we charge.

The charm of a small business.

Yarnz does not have millions to burn. We want to be independent and healthy without big loans from banks. We believe that, in a healthy economy, there must also be room for smaller players. Because it's good for innovation and sustainability if people can choose. (And not only between the big companies, whose investors determine our course only based on quick money.)

We want to be healthy and contribute to a healthy, fair economy.

So go on and fill up that parcel! Or postpone your purchase until you know a destination for 4, 5 or 21 skeins of yarn.

New shipping rates

Per Oct 21


Shipping costs €4,50 (free shipping on orders over €40,-).

Belgium & Germany:

Shipping costs €6,- (free shipping on orders over €50,-).

United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Sweden:

Shipping costs €8,50 (free shipping on orders over €70,-)

Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain:

Shipping costs €10,- (free shipping on orders over €75,-).

Rest of the world:

Shipping costs €20 (free shipping on orders over €100).