I joined the #Sommerwaldtee test a couple of weeks ago, but as these things sometimes go, it ended up in the naughty corner for a while. Not because there was anything wrong with the pattern, it is not difficult and clearly explained. But somehow I couldn't get into the right mood for this project and I was not satisfied with how it was turning out.

This too is part of the creative process, I guess... Some projects fly off the needles, other projects need ripening. Or something.

Well, I now feel very ripe ;) and ready to get going with this lovely tee again!

Oatly latte, check. Brittany crochet hook, check. Audio book, check. Business and housekeeping can go hang, I'm starting this week with some me-time! 

Pattern by Annelies Baes, I'm using our Pascuali Nepal in colour Cobalt Blue (03) and of course my Brittany crochet hook