I am trying out a little brioche experiment. These nice summer colours of Eco-Fusion will look lovely on my little girl, even if the sweater probably won’t be finished until Fall...


I just love how the texture of this knit is turning out and the endless possibilities of different colour combinations turn my mind to contemplations of a matching set of mommy-daughter sweaters, with some changes and tweaks. But being a prime member of the #slowknittersclub, I am daunted by the time it will take me to knit an adult size sweater.

Still, it is very tempting. I love to contemplate new variations on a project as I’m working on it. Sometimes to the extent that I can’t even bring myself to finish the first project. Anyone else get carried away like this? I think it’s part of the creative process, but a scattered brain with loads of WIPs and finish-itis does not contribute to the number of actual finished projects.

Sometimes I think knitting is more about the process than the result, for me.

I’m considering other yarns too, I think Amble would be fantastic for a sweater like this as well.

But now I’m using Eco-Fusion, a blend of eco cotton and bamboo by Nurturing Fibres. It is one of my favorite go-to yarns for all seasons. It is lush and very soft for a plant based yarn, it has this cheeky little twinkle which is more or less obvious depending on the colour. In good old stockinette stitch, it has a wonderful drape, when held double it is a great yarn for cosy sweaters and cardigans, and with a Fisherman's Rib or Brioche stitch the texture just feels absolutely lovely. But mostly I love it because of the fabulous colour palette. Eco-Fusion is hand dyed and the colours are very lively, reminding me somewhat of aquarelle colours. They’re intense, but not over-dyed or harsh. The colours combine wonderfully, whether you prefer a subtle difference between colours that are very similar, or want to play with different hues and tones, or entirely different colours that I have used here.

For this little sweater I have gone quite wild – well, for me that is. I’m usually much more into subtle contrasts. But for once I have gone for a candy cane effect, with the colours Ruby Pink and Bessie. And as I am knitting and thinking about all those other colours of Eco-Fusion, I can’t stop fantasizing about more brioche projects with this yarn. Maybe this mom-kid duo sweater will manifest into being one day after all!