Feel the difference, make the difference

Feel the difference, make the difference

It is contradictory that we have to use the capitalist system to fight the injustice resulting from that very system. But I don't know any other way.

We cast our vote every day, with the choices we make. Which products we buy, which organizations we support, where we work, etc.

When considering your hobby, your creative self-expression, don't you want the materials you use to be kind? Your yarn and tools have already made a journey, transformed from raw resources to hand knitting items, before they ended up in your hands. Don't you want to know that the path that has led your materials to you has made the earth a better place?

We are part of an ever increasing global tribe of people who care deeply about other beings and the natural world. We want to do what's best for the world, the people living in it, and the natural environment on which our quality of life depends.

We do all this by selling beautiful, ethical and Fair yarn.

In a complex and complicated world, it is impossible to be perfect and not leave any footprint. I don't think you have to. But I do think we have a duty to make an effort.

Join the makers movement. Feel the difference, make the difference.

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Workshops Breidagen yarn festival

7 August 2019 12:11

Workshops Breidagen yarn festival

Throwback to last year!

At the Festival in Zwolle, in 2018, they already met and became friends (yes the Festival does that too......)!

On the left Susanne Visch a.k.a. @la_visch on Instagram and on the right Alina Popovici a.k.a. @lamailleauxtableaux.

And now, they are both teachers at the coming Festival in Zwolle on October 11 & 12. Susanne is teaching how to fix mistakes in knitting. And from Alina you can take the masterclass ''Knit your palette’ – Balance, harmony and contrast for colorwork knitting' (with Dutch assistance so don't be afraid of taking an English based class). ⁠

Tickets are already in pre sale! Book your workshops and tickets here on the Breidagen website (click).

And I'd almost forget... of course Yarnz will be there too! ;)

Photo credits @ Janet Vermist.

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Birthday sale Opulence & Graphismes

As a thank you for the loyal support, encouragement and trust, Alina Popovici from La Maille Aux Tableaux celebrates her birthday this week with a sale of her Opulence and Graphismes sweater!

Until Sunday Midnight (Paris time) both patterns are 15% off, both in her Ravelry store and in our webshop.

If you prefer our webshop:

You can find the Opulence pattern here.

You can find the Graphismes pattern here.

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Happy Monday

29 July 2019 10:12

Happy Monday

I joined the #Sommerwaldtee test a couple of weeks ago, but as these things sometimes go, it ended up in the naughty corner for a while. Not because there was anything wrong with the pattern, it is not difficult and clearly explained. But somehow I couldn't get into the right mood for this project and I was not satisfied with how it was turning out.

This too is part of the creative process, I guess... Some projects fly off the needles, other projects need ripening. Or something.

Well, I now feel very ripe ;) and ready to get going with this lovely tee again!

Oatly latte, check. Brittany crochet hook, check. Audio book, check. Business and housekeeping can go hang, I'm starting this week with some me-time! 

Pattern by Annelies Baes, I'm using our Pascuali Nepal in colour Cobalt Blue (03) and of course my Brittany crochet hook 

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speak out against racism

17 July 2019 11:50

speak out against racism

I hesitated to speak out online about racism in our community, because I find it difficult to find the right words and fear to hurt or offend. Especially since English is not my first language.

Anybody can say “I am against racism”. Nobody in their right mind is going to announce on FB “yay I’m a white supremacist and jolly proud of it”. So how do I make a genuine statement about this, without making it look like just another marketing strategy.

I do wish to speak out, because I’m part of this world and I have a responsibility, too. And because remaining silent can do harm.

So what can I do.

I think I have to keep asking myself, what can *I* do for BIPOC and other oppressed people in our community. Because words are important, statements are important, but without actions nothing will change. I think that “just being an open and inclusive business” is a beginning, but it is not enough.

I am learning. I am sorry that I am so slow. I do my best.

I trust in your candor to read me right. I welcome open and honest discussion. I will moderate comments, to keep this a safe space for everybody.


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