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Returning orders

The why

We offer free national and international returns - which we believe is rather unique in our sector. It started as an experiment in December 2018. 

We have been blessed with very few returns so far, even though return shipping within Holland was already free. So took a leap of faith and offered free returns for all international orders.

Obviously it's quite a financial risk for us. We're no Amazon. But the idea is not that people start buying loads of things they don't really want anyway and then return them.

The idea is that it is a vote of confidence. We realise that you, as a customer, are taking a risk when you order from us. With the free returns service, we want to show that we are as good as we say we are. That our products are really high quality and that you will not be disappointed.

And if, for whatever reason, you are disappointed, we will fix it for you.

The rules

Return shipping is free if you cancel your order in 14 days after you have received it. This also goes for partial returns.

(This does not include Needle Library items. You have to pay for the shipping and return shipping of those items yourself.)

Items can only be returned when they're unused, in their original state and free of smells, hairs etc. It is up to Yarnz to decide if the items are returned in a good enough state.

Has the 14 day deadline expired, but would you still like to cancel (part of) your order? Or is there something wrong with your order? Please do contact usDepending on the situation we may take back your order and/or refund the return shipping costs. It is up to Yarnz to decide whether or not we reimburse you.

If something has gone wrong with your order, we will of course fix it free of charge.

The how

  • Announce your return: email us at
  • You will receive a label from us, post-paid, which you can print and tape to your parcel.
  • ​Please make sure that the items are carefully packed and that the label is stuck on well. Lost parcels are no fun for anyone.
  • When we've received your return shipment in good order, you'll receive the refund a.s.a.p. (within a couple of days max.)

You may state the reason you want to cancel your order, but you don't have to. 

You'll not receive a gift card instead of money. (Unless you want this, of course...;) )