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Me and Mr Yarnz had a baby girl! She is the sweetest and loveliest babe in the world, but we do have our hands very full with her... Yarnz is only a small business and I still need to find my feet, so I might not be able to respond as quickly as I normally would. 

Thanks to my friend Karen, who does the packing and shipping, orders will be processed pretty much as usual. Please forgive us if it takes a little longer to ship - if it does this is entirely on my account.

~ Michèle


Hi, I'm Michèle, founder of Yarnz, and I'm happy to help with any and all questions you may have. Well, all Yarnz-related questions anyway. I'm not good at, for example, foretelling the weather. Or financial advice. But you can try ;)

I am a Dutchie, English is my second language. You can address me either in English or in Dutch. (NL: je kunt mij in het Nederlands aanspreken, bellen, mailen als je wilt.)

I am usually available during regular business hours (Amsterdam time CET/GMT+1).

You can reach me via:

Email: hallo@yarnz.nl.

Phone: +316 269 50 570 (call, text or whatsapp).

Instagram: @yarnznl

Twitter: @yarnz_nl

Facebook: Yarnz

Snailmail: Yarnz, Walnootstraat 46, 2461 DV Ter Aar, The Netherlands (this is my residential address, visits by appointment only).

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Chamber of commerce nr 57623465.

VAT number NL002171566B24.

Walnootstraat 46; 2461 DV Ter Aar, The Netherlands (by appointment only).

Yarnz is a registered trademark.