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Feel the difference, make the difference

About prices and discounts

Discounts and sale deals. They seem a matter of course. But are they? 

Everybody loves a huge sale, right? Well, maybe not. 

There's a lot to be said against a sale. Nobody likes to spend full price - only to find their product a week later for half the price. Nobody likes holding back until the sale starts - only to find that their coveted size or colour is sold out.

A discount sends a strange message. As if you are cheated if you pay full price.

From the point of view of the retailer, a sale is a strange notion. You have decided on a fair price, why would you sell it for less? If you do, either your price wasn't fair, or you're selling yourself short. Either way, someone is cheated.

On the other hand, it is nice to treat customers every now and then...

And as a customer, it is nice to receive a treat or to benefit from a lucky chance...

So how should we go about this?

This is how we do it

We don't do sales. Our prices are fair, for ourselves, our producers and our customers. Our products are worth the money. (We know we ain't cheap... There's a good reason for that. Cheap only means that someone else is paying the bill. We do quality, we don't do cheap.)

No fear of missing out, no deception when you pay the normal price. This is fair and square all round. Nobody likes to miss out on something, or to be taken advantage of. And you won't. 

It's not necessary to search the internet for Yarnz coupon codes, or to subscribe to our newsletter just to not miss out on a deal. It's not necessary to develop any buying strategy.

You order what you want, when you want it.

The exceptions

As with all rules, there are exceptions. These are:

Large Project Benefit yarns

This is not really an exception, because it's not a temporary discount.

A large order means more profit, this stands to reason. That's nice for us, because we have to earn a living, just like everybody else. But there comes a point where it gets somewhat out of balance. And we'd like to keep it fun & fair for everyone. That includes you, the customer.

That's why we've introduced the Large Project Benefit Scheme, for selected yarns. So that it's fun for you, too, to make a large project with beautiful yarn.

It works like this:

Order 5 - 9 skeins and save 5%.

Order 10 or more skeins and save 10%

This applies only to the selected yarns. It is possible to combine different yarns and different colours.

Clearance sales

Sometimes we have to let something go from our collection. The remaining stock will be discounted.

Special events

For events and yarn festivals, we may decide to make special deals. If possible, we'll set up a similar offer in the webshop, for those who can't attend the event. This will usually be announced in our newsletter, on the social media and in the webshop itself.

You can find our agenda on our "about us" page. So if you feel like waiting for a special deal, feel free to plan your purchases.

Stock-wise: purchases on the event will come first. It's impossible for us to keep all stock up to date in the webshop during an event. So do keep in mind that your online order may be sold out and that you might have to wait for it a bit longer.

Individual treats

We may decide to add a little something to your order, if and when we can.

As always, we'd love to hear your opinion. We love transparancy, but we don't claim to have The Wisdom of the World... We're learning as we go along, just like everybody. 

So these rules might change. Or they may not. If you have a suggestion on how we could do things better, don't hesitate to contact us.