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About Pascuali

Having seen the poverty of Argentinian farmers, Paul Pascuali decided that he could do better. He saw that in the chain of production, all the middle men and big brands were making a nice profit. But the actual producers – the small farmers – were left with next to nothing.

So he started producing his own yarn, buying directly from the farmers for a fair price, and having it spun and dyed himself. The company Pascuali was founded in 2008 in Cologne and is now specialized in knitting yarns and textiles from natural wool. Pascuali now has an impressive range of sustainably produced yarns. The hands-on approach is still characteristic of the Pascuali yarns. Paul still travels a lot to ensure personal contact and transparency about the origin and production process.

About Balayage

By Pascuali and Melanie Berg.

The concept of sustainability runs through from the animal fibres to the packaging materials.

The yarn itself is obtained and produced in a continuous process in Peru. In the plateaus of Peru, the alpacas are able to move around freely and are kept in a manner that is appropriate for the species. The animals are shorn with modern machines in order to subject the animals to as little stress as possible. 

However, sustainability is about more than just species-appropriate farming. The working conditions are fair and great value is placed on a recycling economy in order to protect the environment. This means that the entire process of ultimately processing these wonderful fibres to form yarn is self-contained. 

For example, the mud that is created when the fibres are washed is used to fertilise the pastures. Care is taken to ensure that energy consumption is made more environmentally friendly by using solar energy and the water that is used is recycled in the recycling system.