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About Nurturing Fibres

About 40 km north of Cape Town lies the Nurturing Fibres farm. Here, Carle Dehning and her team produce and dye all-natural yarns.

They use solar power to heat the water for dyeing and only top up the temperature if need be. In the dye house, the water is gravity fed instead of being pumped. Yarns are dried naturally either in the sunshine or over their Aga Stove. 

All the skeining and balling is done manually. This detailed care not only ensures a high quality, but also provides employment for Xhosa people.

The water used to soak the skeins in preparation for dyeing is recycled and used to irrigate the staff Vegetable Garden. All other water used in the dyeing process is ph balanced and then used to irrigate the 120 Olive trees. The washing of equipment and the yarn is done with Borehole water. As this water is sourced on the farm, it has a much lower environmental impact compared to other water sources.

Their wool is from local free ranging sheep that are non-mulesed. Their cotton is locally grown and while not certified organic, it has been farmed with these principles. Their dyes are Oeko-Tex standard approved.

We're very proud to sell their beautiful yarns.