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Feel the difference, make the difference


About Freeset

Freeset is a Fairtrade certified organisation in India. They offer dignified jobs to women and girls, as an alternative to the sex trade. Women are very vulnerable there and are easy prey for forced prostitution, due to poverty or trafficking.

For many poverty-stricken families it is almost inevitable that their daughters get sold into brothels. 

Freeset offers these women a choice to step out of a life they never wanted in the first place. This goes beyond an education and fair wages. Most of them are trapped in a life, excluded from society, almost impossible to escape without help. They lost all contact with their family, can't manage the care for their children alone and know no other world than that of the sex trade.

The business of freedom

Freeset is more than a business, it is a community. The Freeset women not only find a job here, but also healthcare and psychological care for the disastrous consequences of a life of abuse and exclusion. 

Freeset helps women to help themselves and each other. This way, every woman who gets the chance and has the courage to take it, becomes an example to others. 

When you buy a Freeset product, you contribute directly to a woman's journey to freedom.

Visit Freesets website for more information.