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Feel the difference, make the difference


About Colori Naturali

Maria Ferri and her friends chose to share and put together their different personal experiences in Botany, Sociology, cultural and historical knowledge of the region, artistic photography, etc. 

Key to their activities is the expertise in the chemical processing necessary to produce high quality dyes in rich palettes without the use of chemicals. 

From Mother Nature, the beauty

  • Extreme care is put in the hand dyeing of highly selected natural yarns using antique dyeing techniques.

Maria uses only natural dyes from wild plants that, whenever possible, are collected directly in the surroundings, so rich and diverse. 

In the past, natural dyeing was considered the pride of Abruzzo’s textile arts thanks to its Master Dyers, but Colori Naturali doesn’t nurture so much such a nostalgia. 

Their motto is “One step backward to move forward”, looking at the past of our ancestors to regain the ability to appreciate what nature has to offer, deploying technological and scientific tools and skills valuable to protect ourselves and the environment.

"It’s our strong belief that the future of humanity resides in a well balanced relationship between human beings, animals and the environment."

Italy's finest

We took our traditions back, combining the slow and meticulous natural dyeing techniques from the past with advanced technical-scientific skills to obtain unique, deep, and vibrant colours able to enhance those precious yarns with an environment-friendly attitude. Each yarn and colour is thought with the maker and the final user in mind, a pure gesture of extreme care.

We love to think that each creation made using our yarns has the potential for becoming a unique sensorial experience to be lived anytime, anywhere and in any occasion.

"Nature does not reside in a remote place. With COLORI NATURALI, nature is always with us."