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  • About our producers


    Our products may be certified, like Fairtrade or GOTS, or they may not. We care more for the ethics and motivation of the producer than for the label. A certificate is nice, to be sure, but it’s no guarantee. Just look around you, our society is full of protocols and certificates. And they get violated all the time.

    On a small scale, let's say, unclean eating houses which have sanitary certificates. And on a large scale, like banks messing everything up despite their Fitch ratings and their codes of conduct.

    A certificate is no guarantee. They can claim unannounced checks, independent authorities, etc. as much as they like. It's just no guarantee. In some ways, a system of certification even encourages corruption and abuse.

    This doesn’t mean that a certificate is useless. But you can't trust it blindly, either.

    Trust and open eyes

    We prefer to work with people and organisations that we do trust. Because we know them and we know their ways of doing business. Because the ethics are their own, their choices are their own. Because they want to make a Fair product. We are not the only ones who think that things like human life, animal welfare and the environment are important. 

    So we work with those who are of a like mind. If they have a certificate, that’s great. But openness and transparency are more important.

    We do the best we can, but we are not perfect

    We don't claim to be perfect, and we can't expect perfection from our producers. Perfection is impossible, anyway. But the only way to learn and to get better, is by acknowledging mistakes. And making mistakes is inevitable. Shocking, we know, our society would rather eliminate all uncertainties. But that's an illusion.

    A mistake is not necessarily a bad thing. So long as there is openness and willingness to fix things, there is no problem. We can only try our best and learn from our mistakes. Because in this world of complex problems there is no ideal solution or quick-fix.

    So we do the very best we can. And that way, together with others, we get better and better at Making the Fair Way.

  • About Large Project Benefits

    Some yarns qualify for Large Project Benefits. 

    It works like this:

    • Order 5 - 9 skeins and save 5%;
    • Order 10 or more skeins and save 10%.
    You can combine different qualifying yarns and different colours.

    This is why

    A large order means more profit, this stands to reason. That's nice for us, because we have to earn a living, just like everybody else. But there comes a point where it gets somewhat out of balance. And we'd like to keep it fun & fair for everyone.

    That's why we've introduced the Large Project Benefit Scheme, for selected yarns. So that it's fun for you, too, to make a large project with sustainable luxury yarn.

  • Make the difference

    Coming soon: fun ways to help us make the difference!

This is us. We are Yarnz.

We sell ethically produced yarn and honest knitting & crochet tools.

We are part of a makers-movement that values sustainability and quality.

We host a Project Club to gradually fill your wardrobe with timeless, handmade pieces.

With Yarnz, we are Making the Fair Way.

Sustainable yarns

from maker to maker
The business of making

We are convinced that it is possible to run a business in an environmentally and socially responsible way. By giving back, instead of just taking.

With Yarnz we want to provide not only for our own families, but also support our producers and other organisations are Making the Fair Way. 

So we started our webshop for sustainable knitting & crochet materials. Because there are lots of ethical producers of yarn and tools that offer an alternative to the destructive mainstream products. And there are lots of people (like you, probably) who do give a damn.

You cast your vote every day with the choices you make - what you buy, where you work and who you do business with. We propose that you do business with us, so that all together we can be part of a community of concious makers.

Honest tools

Needles & hooks
Feel the difference, make the difference

We don't stop at "just" being a yarn shop. We support social and environmental organisations all over the world. 

We prefer working together instead of donating money, because we believe in enabling people to do things their own way. Dropping a big bag of money is usually only a symbolic gesture. We want to make the difference

One of the ways to do this, is "simply" by buying sustainable products. By supporting an organisation and establishing a long term collaboration, we can empower other social businesses.

But we want to do much more than that. We want to be superheroes. Since the magic of "living your dream" in real life is a bit tougher than Disney would have you believe, we're taking it one step at a time.

Achievements so far that we're proud of:

  • We have realised a Fairtrade, organic cotton knitting & crochet project bag in collaboration with Freeset.
  • We support the (organic) farmers in our own region too, via our Garthenor and BC Garn collection.
  • We're a small droplet in the ocean in fighting the complex problems of climate change and mass poverty in Mongolia, with our support of Nomadnoos.
  • And since plant power is a hugely important sustainable resource, we're expanding our collection of vegan yarns as well.
  • We have also supported Ashwa Uganda with a fundraiser and our Green Friday campaigns. This is the exception where donations are concerned. But we are so impressed by the work these guys do in empowering girls and young women, that it's an exception we're happy to make.
Where we tried and failed, and may or may not try again:

  • Establish our own sustainable yarn brand.
  • Find a really sustainable producer of circular knitting needles.
  • Add the craft of sewing to our shop and community, naturally with sustainable and GOTS fabrics.

Make the difference

Lend us a hand
Social business

Yarnz is our business, our way to make a living. We're not dependent on subsidies and we don't rely on benefits from any government or any organisation. We're independent because we make our own money.

Yarnz is not a charity, but a social business. We want to do what's best for the world, the people living in it, and the natural environment on which our quality of life depends.

We do all this by selling these beautiful, ethical and Fair products.

Other crafty stuff

Fast fashion sucks

The mainstream fabric and yarn industry is founded on extensive pollution and exploitation. It’s ruled by big companies that don’t give a rat’s ass about human dignity, or the planet we all live on. About child labour, human trafficking, gross animal abuse or environmental atrocities on a large scale. These things happen, we all know about it and we don’t have to draw you a picture.

We want to offer an alternative. Needlework and yarn is our way. 

We think that the materials you work with and wear on your skin should be beautiful. Inside and out.

You spend much time working on a project. You let every centimetre of yarn pass through your fingers. You're making something by hand, for all love! That alone makes it special. It will be made to last. It may even become an heirloom item, living on for generations.

All that starts at the resources. Your yarn and tools have to be honest, ethical, Fair, to be able to make something truly beautiful.

Slow fashion rocks

When you choose to Make the Fair Way, you choose to make something truly beautiful. You become that indispensable link, the closing piece in the chain of honest trade. It starts with the person who crafted your materials, who grew the cotton, cared for the sheep, dyed and balled the yarn. Or who selected the wood for your needles, dried and cut it, gave them a nice finishing polish. Or who stitched up your gift bag. All these things are done by real people. Craftsmen and -women. These materials travel all the way into your home, to be finally transformed by you into your handmade item. 

This connection is something to treasure.

Knitting and crochet is not only fun to do. Making your own clothes is a way of self-expression that is by definition unique. Whereas mainstream fashion never fits right. Nobody has standard sizes all over their body. We’re made to believe that we have to adapt our bodies to fit the standard. It should be the other way around.

Slowfashion rocks. Making it yourself rocks even harder.

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